Reading Shakespeare’s Plays

I like reading plays.  It's like seeing into the playwright's mind.  By the time the play gets to the stage, it is filtered through the director's vision, the actor's craft, the set, the lighting, sound, and the aspects of the individual theater.  Think of the difference between a performance of MacBeth at the Globe and … Continue reading Reading Shakespeare’s Plays

All Days are Night by Peter Stamm-review

     Dreamlike and detached, Gillian remembers the last moments of her normal life before the accident.  There was a party, a fight with her husband about some compromising photos he found of her, waking up in the car while someone was pulling her out.  Her life floats before her at the hospital.  She is whole … Continue reading All Days are Night by Peter Stamm-review


{I wrote this after I saw the Off-Broadway production of Hamilton in previews at the Public Theater. The rest, as they say, is history.} Aaron Burr Jr, whose father was the President of The College of New Jersey now known as Princeton University, is buried along with his father in Princeton Cemetery. A few blocks … Continue reading Hamilton